Dos and Don’ts to Effectively Market Your Staffing Firm

If you’re spending money on advertising campaigns that aren’t driving the results you want, start by assessing your message. If you are focusing on the depth of your talent and how you can tackle any job, but don’t explain how those attributes will benefit your clients, then you shouldn’t be surprised at the lack of results.


Here are some do’s and don’ts to follow to help your next advertising campaign drive more new business:


  • Do think about your clients — Before you even start composing the design of your next ad or the script you want it to follow, take some time to brainstorm about what your clients are looking for the most. What are the common questions you’ve been hearing lately? When you read about the staffing industry, what topics seem to come up again and again?


Successful leaders talk about how if they’ve been meeting for 30 minutes and they haven’t mentioned the customer yet, it’s been a waste of time. The same thing applies to marketing. If you’re throwing out all these great ideas, and you’re not talking about the customer, what’s the point? Keep your focus on the people you’re trying to service.


  • Don’t advertise in just one medium — Perhaps you’re trying to sell a narrative and you think by launching a series of spots or ads that build on a message, you’ll gain traction with your audience. That can work, but if you do it solely in print or solely through digital means, you’re severely limiting your reach.


Come up with campaigns that are diverse. A clever print ad here, an effective Facebook or LinkedIn ad there. Then you complement that with an engaging brochure for the next trade show you attend. Don’t close your mind to any opportunity that can raise the visibility of your firm.


  • Do keep it simple — As you present solutions to your clients’ problems, do it quickly and concisely. Present a clear problem that many of your clients face and a simple solution for how your agency can help. Include ways to contact you and make it visually appealing, but don’t get carried away.


Make good use of bullet points or headlines that give the skimmer a better chance to catch your message.


  • Don’t be afraid of studying competitors — If you see an ad somewhere that catches your eye, think about what you like about it. Why is it effective and why did it seem to stick in your mind more than the others? Encourage your colleagues and your employees to do the same.


You’re obviously not going to plagiarize what other firms have developed to sell their services. But it’s OK to use them as a model and then find ways that you can make it even more effective.


  • Do focus on what’s best for you — Every time a new technology arises such as Pinterest or Instagram, the temptation is to quickly find a way to use it to help your business. There may be an effective way to tap into it and promote what you do, but don’t force it.


Find mediums that fit your business and your message and do your best to make them work. And if there’s a forum that doesn’t really seem to be a good fit, it’s OK to pass.


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