How to Start a Staffing Agency

Ready to start a staffing agency? It may seem daunting, but staying organized and focused is key. TemPay has several guidelines to ensure you’ll be well-positioned for future success.

1. Research all the governmental requirements. Evaluate areas such as licensing, taxing and workers’ compensation, as requirements vary by state. And don’t skip out on your taxes or borrow from your tax money – it will catch up with you in the end.
2. Develop a niche. While it may sound like a good idea to be a “jack of all trades,” it is actually more beneficial to operate primarily within a single niche. This will allow you to stay up-to-date on current needs and trends in whatever industry you choose and also narrow down your competition. Take a look at where your strengths lie, what industries are prevalent and what is underserved in your geographic area.

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