Biggest Twitter Marketing Mistakes of 2012

You know social media marketing is important for your staffing firm, but sometimes, it can be difficult to come up with new promotions.
Take a lesson from these social media blunders from and never, ever use them for your firm.
  • Be mindful of your hashtags. McDonald’s created the #McDstories hashtag on Twitter to inspire customers to share personal stories about their favorite McDonald’s moments. What McDonald’s didn’t bargain for was that customers would share both good and bad stories. And share they did – everything from allegedly crunching on fingernail clippings in Big Macs to getting food poisoning. McDonald’s yanked campaign only two hours after launching it, but  that the hijacked hashtag still goes on strong.
  • Don’t spam your followers. Toyota created nine Twitter accounts to get the word out about the new Camry during the Super Bowl. It then tweeted unsolicited messages about a Camry giveaway contest to anyone using a Super Bowl-related hashtag. The ensuing consumer backlash prompted Toyota to close all its “The Camry Effect” promotional Twitter accounts and issue an apology.

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