Most Dangerous Word to Use at Work

After fraud, theft, flood and fire, the most dangerous word to use at your staffing firm, or any workplace, is try, according to a recent Fortune article.

Why? Try shows a lack of belief, passion, commitment,and confidence – all qualities you need to succeed in today’s  job market.

On a resume, try indicates a task or responsibility that is either incomplete or vague; it is one of the few three-letter words that can get a resume moved to the rejection pile, according to the article. Action verbs backed up by facts and examples can make a resume – and an individual – stand out.

Likewise, in an interview, when candidates are required to be sharp and precise, try comes across as uncertain at best. Hiring managers look for someone with a spark in his or her eyes and confidence in his or her voice.

If an applicant at your staffing firm uses this word, be wary.

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