Workplace Culture Important

Many companies, including staffing firms, fail by choosing employees who have high competence but a low cultural fit, according to a recent Business Insider article.

Instead, your staffing firm should hire people who see the much bigger picture and can truly help a company thrive by aligning their career goals with your firm’s values and mission.

David Logan, John King and Halee Fischer-Wright, authors of Tribal Leadership, outline the dramatic effects of a positive culture with the right hires, including:

  • Fear and stress go down as the “interpersonal friction” of working together decreases
  • People seek employment in the company and stay, taking the company a long way toward winning the war for talent
  • Organizational learning becomes effortless, with the tribe actively teaching its members the latest thinking and practices
  • People’s overall health statistics improve. Injury rates and sick days go down
  • People report feeling more alive and having more fun
For more on the importance of culture at your staffing firm, read the full article by clicking here.