Four Predictions for the Staffing Industry in 2013

Temporary staffing agencies are as susceptible as any other businesses to the ebb and flow of the economy. Their workers are usually the first to be let go when the economy declines and the first to be hired as companies tentatively approach recovery mode.


So as 2013 begins, here is a look at where the industry is headed in the next 12 months.


  • Flexibility will continue to be valuable. The pace of change and adjustment across all industries seeking firmer footing in this uncertain economy is not slowing down. The ability to be flexible, whether for a staffing firm, a client or an individual who wants to work for a staffing firm, will continue to be key.


Businesses want to work with staffing agencies and personnel who can take on multiple tasks and can step in and handle additional challenges as needed.


Staffing firms want workers who are excited to be in a dynamic environment and who are good at handling challenging assignments.


Finally, individual workers want opportunities and don’t want to be stuck in one area if there are other ways to both help the firm grow and achieve personal career growth.


  • Process optimization takes priority. As staffing firms build on the relationships they have started in the post-recession economy, they want to do it efficiently. When a client calls with a question, firms want to be able to respond quickly and not have to go through three people to find out who handles temporary employment billing services.


More and more companies will look to software to develop platforms where work can be compartmentalized and easily accessed to maximize efficiency. When new clients come on board, they can be seamlessly integrated into the firm’s systems.


This kind of optimization will also be helpful for hiring. Software will enable firms to know whether they have adequate coverage in important sectors and when they need to look at making hires.


  • Staffing firms take a step back from social media. While social media such as Facebook and Twitter will become more ingrained in our culture, the social media craze may be slowing. Staffing firms are going to take a more focused look at the value they are getting for the platforms they have created.


If something is not bringing value to the firm, it will be dropped in favor of a tool that does. It’s a natural progression as the shininess of new tools wears off and firms take a harder look at what is going to make them money and what is not.


  • Economy gets a boost from the staffing industry. As companies slowly and carefully pursue growth strategies, they will continue looking to staffing and recruiting firms to help them. Many businesses remain hesitant to hire for fear that the economy will slide again.


Staffing agencies will provide an option that allows companies to make less of a commitment but still fill their needs. Agencies that demonstrate a focus on relationships will find great opportunities to build their stature with clients.


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