Marketing Rules From Super Bowl Ads

While many businesses can’t afford to run ads during the Super Bowl, they can still learn from them. Here are some rules to a winning ad campaign from Businessweek taken from Super Bowl ads your staffing firm can use:

  • Put strategy first. Back in 2000, when startups like and made their game-day debut, nobody understood what they were about (and the companies are both long gone). By contrast, last year Pizza Hut bought less expensive pregame commercials rather than pricey in-game spots to capture early delivery orders on the biggest pizza sales day of the year.
  • Show, don’t tell. In 1974, Master Lock ran a simple commercial called “Marksman” that showed its signature product standing up to a rifle shot. It was a demonstration far more impressive than anything the announcer could have said. It’s always better to get your prospects to draw their own conclusions, rather than trying to talk them into something.
  • Don’t rush the sale. With the hilarious “Terry Tate, Office Linebacker” campaign, Reebok had a breakout year after the 2003 Super Bowl. The company understood  the big game was all about having fun, but it also knew that 30 seconds in a crowded ad environment was too little time to do it all. The commercials were designed to draw consumers to Reebok’s website, and millions visited the site to download subsequent episodes (supplying their email addresses for Reebok to use in follow-up efforts).

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