What Industries Benefit From Payroll Factoring?

Staffing firms of all sizes and in all stages of their life cycle can receive payroll factoring, whether you are starting your own staffing agency or are established in the field and regardless of your number of clients.

Funding is available for firms in any industry, including:

  • Light industrial
  • Administrative
  • Information technology
  • Construction
  • Health care
  • Legal
  • Clerical

For example, 360° Staffing specializes in light industrial, office support and hospitality with 24-hour service and thousands of employees around the globe.

Payroll factoring has enabled CEO Carlos Sanchez to focus on growing the business, while TemPay takes care of back-office functions such as filing and paying his payroll taxes, invoicing his customers and collecting from delinquent accounts.

Many firms also provide factoring to companies outside the staffing industry, as well.

For information on TemPay and our payroll factoring services, contact www.tempay.com or (866) 683-6729.