The importance of the Internet and social media in recruiting

While social media and the Internet are an excellent way to distribute tips and information about your business to your clients, it’s also useful for another key staffing agency function — recruiting.


Social media provides a platform for you to interact with potential employees and also evaluate them based on their profiles and activity. Internet sites and blogs also provide an opportunity to obtain and track referrals and post job openings.


The benefits of utilizing the Internet and social media for staffing agency recruiting are many:


  • You can check out potential employees. While social media users can opt to utilize privacy settings to hide their profiles from view, many have some or all of their content available. Red flags include posts portraying a previous employer in a bad light, posts or photos about binge drinking or drug use, posts or photos that are provocative or inappropriate, discriminatory comments based on race, gender or religion, and indications the candidate may be lying about qualifications.
  • Users can share your posts with others. Posting a job opportunity on a social media site allows those who view it to share it with interested or qualified individuals in their networks. This automatically expands your staffing service’s network and exposes your content to more people without lifting a finger.
  • You can obtain and keep track of referrals. Your best resource for potential hires is your current employees. They are a largely untapped resource for referrals but are perfect as they already know what the job entails. Creating a website for employees to submit referrals is an easy way to keep them organized. Here, you can also recognize employees for their contributions and publicize referral incentives — offering days off, bonuses or gift cards for hired referrals is a great way to obtain referrals.
  • You can communicate directly with potential hires. Social media allows you to create a dialogue with clients, prospects, vendors and even potential hires. Creating online job staffing postings allows users to submit resumes online, providing a quick and easy alternative to navigating through countless paper resumes. You can also search for qualified candidates through professional sites such as LinkedIn, and interested candidates can ask questions via social media or blog posts on job openings.