3 LinkedIn tips to boost your connections

The applications of LinkedIn are endless.


The professional social network not only connects your staffing firm with others in the industry but also with current and potential customers, clients, vendors and even temporary employees.


With a large number of connections, you can boost your exposure and open yourself up to countless second- and third-degree connections. Connections also provide you access to a wide range of people and companies to call upon to meet your firm’s needs.


Here are our top three ways to boost the number of your LinkedIn connections.


  • Search for and join groups. LinkedIn will often suggest groups related to your position and interests, but you can also search for groups related to a company or specific topic. Visit LinkedIn’s Groups You May Like page to see suggestions for your staffing firm. In addition, you can search for keywords or group names in the search box at the top of any page, then choose “Groups” in the list on the right. Groups are very popular on LinkedIn and often contain many active discussions. This allows you not only to meet new people but also to learn what’s trending, ask questions and receive feedback.
  • Import your email accounts. Visit the Add Connections page to import and invite contacts from your personal and professional email accounts. The default automatically sends invitations to all contacts, so if you don’t want to send one to everybody, uncheck the “select all” box and individually check boxes next to the contacts you want to invite. Allowing LinkedIn to find and invite connections based on your email contacts expands your reach and saves you the time of searching for individual contacts. You can import multiple email accounts to ensure you reach connections from all walks of life.
  • Link your profile. Include your LinkedIn profile address in your email signature so every email you send is a potential new connection. In addition, link your profile to your other social media profiles and blog. Visit the View My Profile page to find various options. This exposes your profile to those who accessed your information through another medium, pointing them to your LinkedIn profile to make a connection.