What types of invoices are eligible for payroll factoring?

Full-service clients are required to allow TemPay to handle all of their temporary business. Money-only clients must offer the opportunity to factor all new customers, and if we choose not to factor a particular customer, your staffing service can choose to self fund.


As the factor, we:

  • Verify your invoices with your clients’ accounts receivable departments to ensure their validity and to ensure we will be paid.
  • Make sure the invoices include the correct amount, ensure the goods or services have been delivered and are acceptable, and make sure the client is ready to pay. If we are unable to verify an invoice, TemPay will not factor it.

TemPay does not factor past-due invoices.


For information on TemPay and invoice eligibility, visit www.tempay.com or call (866) 683-6729.