3 staffing sales tips

Whether you’re hiring new sales representatives or giving your current employees a refresher course, our top three staffing sales tips will help you land deals.


  1. Listen. Lengthy, rehearsed pitches and presentations aren’t going to land you business. Listen to what your prospects say about their business and tailor your response to those specific needs. Maintain eye contact and nod. When the prospects have finished talking, briefly summarize what they have said to let them know you were listening and understand.
  2. Be knowledgeable. Go in to a prospect meeting knowing the company’s background and information about its industry. A quick five-minute search of the company’s website can provide you with much of the information you need to know. Make sure you understand the specific industry and how staffing can benefit that industry. Success stories from other companies within that industry are also helpful.
  3. Exert passion. Passion and excitement are contagious. If you’re excited about your staffing services, your prospect will be, too. And don’t forget to smile.