Payment/benefit options for your temporary employees

At TemPay, we understand that you want your employees to be paid quickly, easily and safely. We also know that you want to provide them with the benefits they want and need.


We have several employee payment and insurance options available to meet everyone’s needs.


  • Check. TemPay issues paychecks drawn on national banks. Many staffing firms have arrangements with their bank or nearby local banks to allow employees to cash paychecks.


  • Direct deposit. We offer standard direct deposit, which electronically transfers money directly to the employee’s bank account.


  • Payroll cards. TemPay offers Visa-branded payroll cards, which can be used at any ATM or store that accepts credit and/or debit cards.
    When we fund the cards, the money appears immediately, unlike direct deposit, which often takes 24 to 48 hours for the money to be available.
    Payroll cards are less expensive than using a check-cashing service, and ATM and debit charges are minimal. They are also perfect for employees who do not belong to a bank or credit union, or do not have their own checking or savings accounts. Payroll cards are much safer than carrying a paycheck, because if the card is lost or stolen, it can easily be replaced. Employees also have their own PIN that they can change any time they want or need.


  • Health insurance. TemPay has an alliance with a company that provides affordable health insurance for temporary employees, and the cost of the insurance is deducted from the employee’s bank or payroll card.
    We also work with Essential StaffCARE, the largest provider of health insurance and benefits to the staffing and temporary employment industry.