What payment options are available for my clients?

At TemPay, we make the customer payment process both simple and safe. There are many convenient payment options available for your staffing customers to pay their invoices.


  • Automated Clearing House/electronic funds transfer payments is a direct deposit method of remitting payment directly to TemPay’s bank account. It is inexpensive, with the cost varying from no cost to $1, depending on the policies of your customer’s bank. Payment is processed and applied typically within 24 to 48 hours from the time ACH/EFT is transmitted.


  • Company check with remittance advice is the most popular way of remitting invoice payment, but it is also the slowest, as your customer writes a check and sends it to TemPay’s lockbox. This extends the customer’s cash flow because a company check mailed to our lockbox typically takes four to seven business days to clear the customer’s bank account.


  • Credit card authorization form. TemPay accepts most major credit cards. However, there is a 2.99 percent transaction fee on the amount charged. This is also a slow method of payment because we need to wait for the credit card company to process funds and deposit them into our bank account. Once we are notified that money has been deposited, it is applied against the customer’s invoices. This process takes five to seven days.


  • eCheck payment is one of the quickest methods. Your customer completes an eCheck authorization form and sends it to info@tempay.com for processing. A check is then generated and applied to the invoice the same day.


  • Wire transfer is another quick method of payment, as it is typically applied the same day that money is wired from your customer’s bank account to TemPay. The cost of this payment method ranges from no cost to $30, depending on the policies of your customer’s bank.