5 free online tools for staffing firms

There are many free resources available that can benefit your staffing firm, if you know where to look.


Here are five online tools for managing everything from your social media accounts to job postings.


1. HootSuite – Managing multiple social media accounts can be difficult. HootSuite is an easy-to-use interface that allows you to view all of your social media accounts at once and publish content to one or more sites. You can also schedule posts in advance and view analytics.


2. Skype – This video conferencing tools allows you to communicate with employees and clients and is a great way to conduct online interviews, especially if you engage in virtual staffing. It also features instant messaging and file-sharing capabilities for easy intra-office communication.


3. WordPress – WordPress started as a blogging portal but can also be used to create websites. The simple platform allows you to upload media, manage comments, schedule publication and even enter search engine-optimized keywords.


4. Google AdWords – With this site, you can type a keyword or URL and receive related keywords and performance data. You can then download keyword ideas to an Excel file for easy reference when creating blogs, website content and social media.


5. ZipRecruiter – ZipRecruiter allows you to post job openings to more than 40 job boards at once. You can also search about 3 million resumes and ask fill-in, multiple choice or yes/no questions to identify qualified candidates.