Attract better temp candidates with these easy website updates

Your website doesn’t just tell the world who you are and what you do. It tells them what you are like as a company. For staffing agencies, businesses that succeed by attracting great temp employees, this third component is exceptionally critical.


Here’s a quick test. Visit your staffing agency’s website, as well as those of two or three competitors, browsing through each one as if you were the prospective temp hire. Now consider the following.


  • Is the information you are looking for easily accessible?
  • Are you able to get an idea of what the position will be like?
  • Is it clear what’s expected of you as a job candidate and potential employee?
  • Was your reaction to the content positive, neutral or negative?
  • Are you left with a lot of questions?


This exercise is so effective is because it’s natural for employers to focus information on their websites around client-facing information – i.e., who you are and what you do. About Us, Contact Us and Services Offered are all high-ranking pages packed with critical information for your audience. But is your Careers or Employment section getting equal billing? Have you spent the necessary time developing content to build a pipeline of attractive temp candidates? If not, there’s no time like the present


Making these three changes to your website will help you attract a steady flow of high-quality temp candidates.


1) Be mobile responsive. Mobile accounts for nearly 30 percent of web traffic for the staffing industry, according to recent data. If your website isn’t optimized for mobile devices, you are losing a significant number of potential job candidates who might otherwise apply. Moreover, you may have trouble filling jobs quickly because temp candidates don’t have access to your website content on the go.


2) Give people options for connecting with you. Some people visiting your website may be great potential hires but aren’t a good fit with currently available positions. But you don’t have to miss out on these future prospects. Simply encourage jobseekers to interact with you in other ways, for example, by signing up for job alerts, email newsletters and blog content. These touch points will keep desirable candidates on your radar – and you on their radar — so that whether they match a job down the road or they refer a friend who does, you still benefit.


3) Share non job-related information. Recognize the importance of providing helpful content for job seekers outside of job posts. This could include information people need in their job hunt or data about your industry, from career planning advice and new industry trends to interview tips. This will give jobseekers an incentive visit your website more often and stay longer once they get there.


4) Sell yourself. Do you really want interview job applicants with zero personality? Of course not. Yet too many career pages read like dull resumes, simply listing job openings with form lists of bulleted responsibilities. If you want to attract temp hires who are dynamic and talented, you need to sell them on your company. Share the perks, pay rates and benefits of your positions, including descriptions of the type of candidates you are looking for and testimonials from clients or former employees. This will help you engage the right type of candidates, and more of them.


Highly skilled job seekers know they are in demand, and your staffing agency’s website must offer more than a list of job posts to keep their interest. These simple web updates can give candidates a better idea of what makes your agency special, inspiring them to take the next step.