How your smartphone can help you sell: mobile sales tactics for your staffing agency

Smartphones have permanently changed the way that people communicate, both personally and professionally. As the staffing industry becomes more global, these devices provide a means for agencies – and their sales teams – to take the sales cycle with them anywhere they go. And that means big opportunities for staffing agencies of all sizes.

How can your agency use smartphones to support a strong sales organization? Here are some areas where mobile can help you drive sales results.


Organizing leads

Does your staffing agency have a CRM system? If so, many systems also offer software for mobile devices so your sales team can access leads in real time. Salesforce, for example, allows your staffing agency’s employees to log in on their smartphones to view data and dashboards from the road.

Your smartphone’s camera is also a great resource for organizing leads. Many new apps work with a camera to scan business cards and store the information in your phone’s contacts. This gives your people an easy way to add photos, personal details and dates about their meetings and appointments for later reference, using their phone’s contacts list to update lead statuses as they change.


Connecting with prospects

Two-thirds of all emails are now being read on a mobile device? This means it is quite common for decision-makers to check and send work emails outside of traditional office hours.

Take advantage of off hours by encouraging employees to check and send sales-related emails from their phones when they know prospects are checking. If you have prospects that work overseas, for example, this communication can give your sales team valuable hours – even days – to prepare a response or close a deal before a competitor.


Holding meetings

Remember when cell phone communication was limited to dialing a number and calling? From texting to group chat to video conferencing, today there are now a variety of ways to communicate using your smartphone. One of the best advancements in mobile technology is the introduction of virtual meeting tools such as Skype, Tango, Google Talk and Apple’s FaceTime, which your team can use to get face to face with clients, leads and colleagues anywhere in the world, on the go.

Mobile apps such as GoToMeeting also include features such as screen sharing, with which you can share files with multiple meeting participants in real time. Most of these apps are free with a traditional smartphone data plan.


Closing deals

File-sharing applications are another great technology that has made the leap to smartphones. Need to share a presentation or Word document from a hotel room or while waiting in line for coffee? Dropbox and Google Docs offer these services for many mobile devices, making it possible for your employees to share everything from collateral to presentations to contract information with your clients in minutes.

Not only does this mean you’ll always have a pitch on hand when you need it, but this greater connectivity allows your people to close deals from just about anywhere. Just sign in and send.


When used to its full potential, smartphone technology can help your staffing agency reach decision-makers faster and more efficiently while giving you a new, flexible approach for sales and marketing. The best part is: this amazing sales tool is probably already in the pockets of the majority of your staffing agency’s employees.

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