How to fill job orders quickly and efficiently — and admit when you can’t

As an entrepreneur, the secrets to ongoing success are knowing how to finance your staffing company and the ability to finance recruitment orders quickly. Those things are key to enhancing your reputation for operating a staffing company that your customers want to deal with at crunch time.

Here are some tips for speeding up the placement process.

Identify your placement stars. This isn’t to separate winners from losers or assign blame for those who aren’t as quick at filling positions as your stars. Instead, identify what your most responsive recruiters are doing right. Is it a matter of discipline and superior organizational skills? Or do they have systems and procedures in place that can be replicated and shared by the rest of the office? Just remember, speed isn’t everything.

Develop your farm team. One major difference between your clients and your staffing company is that you have an entire roster of individuals who are eager to be interviewed for jobs that are very similar to the position your client needs filled now. By keeping your files current, you’ll have a head start on finding that perfect placement. Just make sure that you check in periodically with your best candidates to make sure they are available, and have updated resumes and contact information on hand.

Find staffing software that keeps pace. If you’re still operating a paper-only system, or your people are using a platform that’s more cumbersome than helpful, consider upgrading to a more productive alternative. There’s a wide range of staffing agency software available, so test drive product demos to find the one that best suits your agency size, client type and other factors.

Have the courage to say no. You’re used to saying yes. No matter how seemingly impossible the deadline, or how challenging the job description, you assure your client that you can fill it — right on schedule. Stop doing that. If your rush-job assignment is going to hurt your client relationship because you can’t possibly find the right hire in the given time, politely explain the challenge and turn the assignment down. Sometimes your client will understand the need for spending a little more time to find the right recruit and will extend the deadline. But even if that doesn’t happen, you’ve freed up time to focus on undertaking the positions you can fill the right way — without nicking your reputation.

Remember that speed isn’t everything. Haste alone is not going to win the race or endear you to clients. Anyone can fill a job quickly if they send a less-than-ideal candidate or take screening shortcuts. Your mission should be to put processes and systems in place that enable your team to respond quickly, confidently and accurately to all but the most impossible assignments. If you do that right, you’ll gain a reputation for timeliness and quality results.

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