Resolve to take time off work this year

There are only so many hours in the day, and if you’re serious about actually taking that beach vacation next summer, it’s time to start figuring out how you’ll get there. Here are some tips to help reassure you that your staffing agency can take up the slack while you’re away.

  • Hire and train self-starters. Some people are simply quicker studies than others and have a better attitude for working competently with minimal supervision. The more people you can trust to get the job done while you’re otherwise engaged, the less time you’ll spend looking over people’s shoulders. Hire people worthy of your confidence, train them and then let them go. Delegating can be the hardest part for entrepreneurs who see only one way to get things done — their way. But micromanagers can’t take vacations.
  • Figure out where and how to outsource. Do your people really have to do it all? Figure out every job you undertake, then split those tasks into two lists. The first consists of activities that are at the heart of what your staffing agency is all about, those that you do best and that you’d be less likely to want to surrender. But the other stuff, the responsibilities related to running an office, aren’t necessarily in your wheelhouse. This list, which might include payroll and accounting, IT, marketing and HR responsibilities, consists of activities that are frustrating, time-consuming and perhaps poorly accomplished. Consider outsourcing them. Once you figure in the internal costs of do-overs and distraction from areas of expertise, you’ll think of the cost as an investment in enhanced productivity and peace of mind.
  • Look into staffing agency software. The ultimate outsourcing is to a computer program that can process certain areas of expertise faster and easier than even your best self-starters. Go to test drive digital technology with valuable tools for talent acquisition, employee tracking and management, billing and other critical tasks for staffing agencies of all sizes and complexity. Don’t worry if the menu of possibilities seems too expansive. You can demo the software and see what you feel can best improve workplace productivity and efficiency and buy you more hours in the day.
  • Prioritize. Does it truly have to be done right now? Sometimes the answer is an emphatic yes. If that’s the case, don’t procrastinate. But if you were to list in order of priority everything that needs to be accomplished by you and your staff, something must fall to the end of the list. Now ask yourself how vital that job really is to the smooth operation of your staffing agency. If it’s really more of a wish-list item than a must-do, save it for next month — or for when you get home from the beach.


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