Instead of pitching great customer service, just do it

“We have the best customer service in the industry.”

How many times have you heard that boast from salespeople with companies trying to get your business? Chances are that your account executives have used that tired old line themselves, or some variation of it, as they maintain focus on growing your staffing agency.

However, there are two problems with the claim: Everyone says it. And great customer service is not necessarily what all of your staffing agency clients are looking for.

Don’t say it, prove it

Even companies with poor customer service brag about their service because superior customer focus is taken to be a core competency in virtually every industry. That’s why you’ll never hear a sales rep say, “We have incredibly poor service, but our prices are cheap,” even though you probably know of businesses where that seems to be the mission statement.

So the “great service” claim is made endlessly, and it can be difficult or impossible to immediately disprove. Think about it. If a client asks whether a vendor carries stainless steel widgets in a size medium, the account person either has products to present or doesn’t. But it’s not so open and shut with customer service. It’s an intangible that can be fudged, at least until the two parties do enough business together that the client can see what an exaggeration the claim was.

Your staffing firm clients instinctively know this, so they’re not even listening when you talk about your commitment to customer service in broad generalities. Instead of talking about it, show them only the specific services you provide that can fill their stated needs. Not only will they understand how your customer-centric approach translates to something they actually care about, they’ll gain an appreciation for the research you had to conduct into their business in order to gain such valuable insight. This attentiveness is a form of customer service that doesn’t even use the words.

Give clients what they want

Sometimes you’re trying to explain the full range of services your staffing agency can provide when the prospect just wants to know whether you can send it X number of qualified workers to fill temp positions doing Y at location Z. You’re talking when you should be listening, selling when you should be fulfilling.

Don’t worry about the future. Take care of a prospect who comes to you with an immediate need, and you’ll get ample opportunity down the line to fill in the picture with a more comprehensive look at all of the ways you can help long term.

That’s the key to growing your staffing agency – presenting the best customer service in the industry without ever telling clients that that’s what you’re giving them.


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