Three tips for streamlining your recruitment effort

With the economy heating up, responsiveness will be your clients’ No. 1 demand. When they need talent, they need it now. Here are three tips to help meet your clients’ time-sensitive demands.

Look beyond the resume. To your younger jobseekers, traditional resumes are a thing of the past. Their life experiences are keyed to the multimedia digital world, which features blurbs of information enhanced by photos and video clips.

Even among mid-career professional candidates, the ability to write a good resume is not necessarily an indication of career ability. Would you pass on a chemical engineer at the top of his field because he’s not a particularly compelling writer?

You’ll learn much more about a person — and come several steps closer to making a hiring decision — by focusing on the candidate’s online footprint. Professional sites such as LinkedIn and VisualCV host vibrant resumes enriched with digital content including portfolios, presentations and communications with others in the candidate’s network.

A social networking presence can also reveal plenty, sometimes more than the candidate would like to share with recruiters. A quick Google search can, in short order, give you a much more in-depth introduction to a possible candidate than any two-page resume.

Recruit proactively. As national unemployment figures fall, opportunity expands. Job positions will fill much faster than they have in recent years, so you and your clients have to be ready. One way to do this is to think proactively and encourage clients to do the same. If a good candidate comes to your attention, even before there’s a job opening, make the connection. Open lines of communication, start the screening process and encourage the candidate to stay in the loop.

Make sure your staffing software can enhance your recruitment efforts. Not all staffing software programs are created equal. For maximum responsiveness, it’s imperative that the recruitment features on your software can keep up. You should be able to quickly and easily manage contacts, track candidates and fill open positions. If your software is lagging — or you’re not using staffing agency software at all — visit to demo competitive products and find one that best suits your purposes.

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