Three strategies to revisit for continued success

Congratulations on your staffing agency’s success. You’ve beaten the odds, and now you lead a large and still-growing firm. You’ve attracted a roster of valuable clients and top talent and have found a staffing agency funding source that eliminates cash flow stress. Take pride in all that you and your people have accomplished. You’ve earned the plaudits.

Now think back to when you started out. There were one or two or five of you in a cramped office with bad ventilation. You obviously did a lot of things right in order to end up where you are today. But as you grew, you gave up some of the attitudes and activities and ambience that contributed to your success. Some of those things you hope to never see again (claustrophobic offices and missed paydays), but did you give up too much? Consider these things you used to do and see if you think any deserve a second look today.

Acting young and nimble

You weren’t acting back then. You were young, and you had to be nimble. You went with your instincts because you didn’t have the luxury of time. If an opportunity came up, you took it now, or went out of business tomorrow. You took on the search for new software or outsourced your staffing agency funding based on your own good instincts because you didn’t have an office full of advisers and department heads to bounce your ideas off of.

As businesses get bigger, more people get involved in every decision-making process. They see all kinds of possible downsides and urge caution. They advise first getting hold of the lawyers and accountants before switching staffing agency funding vendors — or making any major decisions at all. Often, they’re right. But by the time you’ve involved everyone who’s got a horse in the race, the race is over. The opportunity has passed.

Consider getting some of your heedless courage and impulsivity back. Not all of the time, as caution and strategic deep thoughts often make sense. But sometimes the logical thing to do is to give it a quick “yes” based on your youthful brashness and too many years of experience. What’s the worst that could happen?

Treating employees like you’ll have to sit across from them in the break room

They say there’s less crime in small towns than in big cities because everyone knows everyone in the smaller community. You can’t burgle the house of your mom’s best friend.

Similarly, in the old days, you couldn’t make autocratic changes to daily procedures or to the company’s commission structure or to the health plan if it might negatively affect others, at least not when you had to sit across from all four of your employees at lunch and make small talk. You knew them and their families — and you knew what would hurt and why.

Sometimes you still had to make those tough calls, but you explained yourself first. And you only made those painful decisions when you’d carefully considered all alternatives and saw no other way.

Today, you might not even know everyone who works for you, but your office culture will benefit if you make an effort to do so.

Going out on sales calls

You knew the temperature of the market when you were the chief (or only) salesperson, as well as the talent recruiter, bookkeeper and office manager. But you outgrew those client handshaking duties when you got big enough to hire a sales manager and an entire sales department. Sure, you take your No. 1 client out golfing or to lunch now and then and attend networking events, but you don’t make cold calls or help out on run-of-the-mill prospect pitches. And that’s too bad. You no longer really know how your clients think about your staffing agency or understand the challenges faced by your salespeople unless you occasionally get out and make some sales calls. Just like in the good (and bad) old days.

Bigger is better in a lot of ways. But think about it — and consider sometimes getting things back to how they used to be when you were young and small and barely knew what you were doing. Doing so might bring additional success.


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