5 signs you need a new back-office software solution

If you haven’t already, you should consider a productive relationship with an outsourced payroll services company. That and a reliable staffing agency software solution can work wonders toward enhancing efficiency and profitability at staffing agencies of all sizes and specialties.

Here are a few signs that you need outsourced payroll services and an advanced back-office software solution.

  • Your talent pool is weak. With a reliable software solution, you’ll be able to work with the top job boards and maintain a roster of talented applicants for quick placement.
  • Applicants are forgotten. You make contact with top talent in your area, but by the time you seek an interview, they’ve been hired elsewhere. A revitalized economy is good news for agencies ready to take advantage of better hiring times — and bad news for those that are unprepared. A good staffing agency software solution will help you keep applicants in mind and move them toward an interview and quick placement.
  • Client needs are going unmet. When your best clients want to hire, they want to take action now. If you’re not ready to give them what they want, they’ll find a vendor that can. Good staffing agency software lets you quickly and efficiently match talent with need.
  • Invoicing is a hassle. Cash flow is an ongoing challenge in staffing, as is the need to get temps paid on time. Use a trusted outsourced payroll services company to smooth out cash flow crimps, meet your payroll needs and get paid.
  • You don’t know where you stand. How many job placements did you make last month? How is this month’s billing tracking against your goals? What are your gross margins so far this year? Good staffing agency software will include a dashboard that enables you to see real-time numbers. You can generate custom reports to instantly view and track your company’s progress.

As a full-service outsourced payroll services firm offering invoicing, payroll taxes and credit monitoring resource, TemPay enables staffing agencies to focus on growing their businesses.