6 questions to ask your payroll factoring company

Not every payroll factoring company is the same. Some operate only within specific industries, and the rate advance can vary accordingly.

When reviewing payroll factoring prospects, ask these six questions to gain valuable information in order to make an educated decision. Diligent research will pay-off when you partner with the right factor for your particular needs.

1. How can I be assured my company will receive funds? Your staffing firm needs steady cash flow, so you need to know your funds will arrive in full and on time.

2. How soon do I need to notify you of payroll changes? When you begin payroll factoring, you provide employee names, Social Security numbers and other information so your factoring company can seamlessly fund your payroll. However, as new employees are hired and others depart, you need to update the factoring company to avoid payroll hiccups.

3. What kind of relationship do you have with clients? Your factoring company should be willing to have ongoing, open communication and be reachable if you have questions, problems or concerns.

4. Do you provide recourse or nonrecourse factoring? With recourse factoring, the staffing firm assumes the risk and losses for unpaid invoices. As a result, you must buy back invoices your customers don’t pay in a fixed amount of time. This is the most common form of factoring. With nonrecourse factoring, the factoring company assumes the risk of bad debt and is out the money it is unable to collect. This is safer for the staffing firm but risker for the factor and is therefore not as common.

5. How much do you advance? A factoring company may advance 75 to 80 percent of an invoice’s total and then keep the rest as their fee. TemPay, however, advances 90 percent or more – among the highest rates in the industry.

6. Do you specialize in my industry? Choosing a payroll factoring company that specializes in staffing, and even further, in your niche within the staffing industry, ensures you will receive the proper attention and understanding and paves the way for smoother communication. There is great value in working with a factoring company that understands the ups and downs and ins and outs of your niche.

We hope this post has answered some questions for you and your staffing agency, or at least given you the questions to ask your potential factoring company! Please visit our FAQ page for more questions and answers about staffing factoring and financing. And don’t hesitate to contact TemPay for more personalized attention – we are here to serve.

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