Determining your staffing niche

To determine your staffing niche, think about the intelligence and experience of yourself and your key management personnel. Then evaluate your strengths and weaknesses to determine where your center of expertise lies.


If you have experience as a temporary staffing employee in the administrative niche, it makes sense to target that niche because you are familiar with the ins and outs of its unique operations. Likewise, if your client relations manager has behind-the-scenes experience in the legal realm, consider focusing on that industry. This is important for any agency to consider but is especially important when starting your own staffing agency.


Another way to determine your staffing service’s niche is to take an overall look at the community or geographic area that you service. Is the area industrial, with many factories? If so, consider focusing on industrial placements. Are there a lot of hospitals and health care facilities? If that is the case, medical placements may best serve the needs of the community.


You can also evaluate your area’s demographics to determine its labor focuses and needs through the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, whose data will show the total labor force in your area, as well as employment in specific industries such as information, financial activities, professional and business services and others.


When determining the niche you wish to pursue, it is also important to consider the competition your staffing firm faces.


“While your area might be best served by an industrial staffing firm, if there are already a number of big players in your area, entering and establishing yourself within the niche may be difficult,” TemPay President Larry Holstein says.