Disasters/Emergencies Provide Staffing Opportunity

No matter your staffing firm’s specialty, in times of disaster or emergency, you can rally your troops to lend a helping hand.

Take staffing firm MDT Personnel, for example. The firm is hiring hundreds of workers to assist with the cleanup efforts after Hurricane Sandy in New York and New Jersey.

“MDT has been a reliable staffing provider to its clients because we mobilize quickly and can provide them with a properly trained and equipped staff quickly and efficiently,” said Dave Gerstner, vice president of operations at MDT Personnel. “We currently are hiring hundreds of workers in New York and New Jersey.”

Health care, construction and manufacturing are just some of the industries that need additional employees during disasters/emergencies. You can tap into your network and offer positions to many workers who can help with relief efforts. Contact the American Red Cross to find out what employees are needed and where.

For more information on MDT Personnel and how it is helping, click here to read a press release.