Technology planning for your staffing agency

How to improve productivity using staffing agency software and mobile technologies

The digital revolution has created ample opportunity in recruitment and related back office responsibilities for staffing agencies. Productivity-enhancing technology can take many forms in staffing, from mobile apps to boost hiring efforts to staffing agency software that keeps your business producing. Here are some technologies that can boost staffing activity and improve operational efficiencies.

Staffing agency software. Software can help your team handle administrative tasks more effectively and provide productivity advantages. Sophisticated staffing agency software can assist you with talent acquisition, employee tracking and management, sales lead management, billing and other critical responsibilities.

If you already working with a trusted payroll financing company, ask if your partner provides staffing agency software support to help you manage day-to-day administrative processes.

But keep in mind that one size does not fit all. Explore your options at websites such as, where you can test drive software to see how it aligns with the industries you serve and the type and complexity of staffing services you provide. The right system will make you feel like you have extra employees at a fraction of the cost.

Mobile optimization. According to a 2014 survey from jobs and recruiting website Glassdoor, 89 percent of jobseekers said they currently use their mobile devices to find job leads. Of those same jobseekers, even more said they would use their phones to post resumes and apply for jobs if more staffing sites were mobile-optimized.

Today’s job candidates want to use mobile technology to search for jobs, save listings and visit career sites. Make it easy for them to find you by ensuring that your agency website and any recruitment sites are optimized for mobile platforms. Providing a comprehensive, user-friendly mobile experience is critical to attracting the best of the best.

You may not have it in your budget to take advantage of every possible technology breakthrough in your industry. But steadily investing in your staffing agency’s technology-enhanced future can help you save time, recruit top talent and achieve impressive bottom-line results.

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