How to Start the Payroll Factoring Process with TemPay

You’ve completed a TemPay application for temporary payroll factoring, been approved, and are ready to begin your funding relationship with TemPay. Now what?

Here are the 3 steps needed to get your company ready for your initial payroll funding:

  1. TemPay’s processing department will advise you on our process and procedures and how to send your payroll/billing requirements to TemPay.

2. Your payroll/billing information can basically be provided in one of three ways:

  • You can do it the low-tech way by faxing the manually filled-out information to us using a TemPay format that will be provided to you.
  • You can email TemPay a spreadsheet with your payroll/billing requirements.
  • You can log into our software remotely and directly enter the information yourself.

3. Once the initial payroll/billing is completed, TemPay can either FedEx your checks to you, mail them directly to your employees, or print the checks in your office. Direct deposit and payroll card stubs may also be emailed directly to your employees.

Ready to learn more about TemPay and what we can do for your temporary agency? Apply now or contact us online or by phone at (866) 683-6729 for more information about payroll factoring. Check-out helpful links such as the ASA or U.S. SBA on this page. Discover all the industries we serve with payroll factoring services by visiting this page.