10 ways to grow your staffing firm this year

Every year brings new challenges and new opportunities for staffing firms. From fine-tuning your marketing to leveraging new technology to tapping into hot trends, here are our tips for growing your staffing firm in 2018.

  1. Analyze performance data. Using predictive analytics, hiring managers can now gain valuable information about the performance of every candidate. These tools can help your firm recognize employees who go above and beyond in assignments. According to World Wide Specialty Programs (WWSP), predictive analytics are still new to the staffing industry. Currently, they are only being used by 35 percent of all recruiters.
  2. Embrace diversity. Some companies are still reluctant to hire employees from different races, lifestyles and ethnicities. Regardless, staffing firms need to realize the importance of creating an all-inclusive workforce. Embracing diversity at the workplace is essential for the growth of your temp agency.
  3. Connect with gig workers. Consider reaching out to gig workers. Some staffing experts predict that the typical 9-5 workday will soon be taken over by the gig economy. WWSP states that 60 percent of workplaces will make the transition to gig economies by 2027.
  4. Revise job descriptions. Before you post any more employment ads this year, make sure to pay close attention to the language you’re using. In 2018, federal agencies will be monitoring and citing any job descriptions that appear to use offensive, biased or discriminatory wording.
  5. Strengthen relationships with clients. Always focus on strengthening and maintaining relationships with your clients who already believe in your recruiting capabilities. They can help your temp agency thrive in the new year.
  6. Share knowledge. Staffing is what you do best, so why not share your ideas with employers and prospective candidates? Make yourself readily available to answer any questions about hiring, advertising or job searching.
  7. Promote your firm online. Log in to your social media accounts daily, and keep your company information up-to-date. Also, be sure to engage with your followers by posting job ads online and responding to their questions or concerns in a timely manner.
  8. Test different marketing strategies. Don’t invest all your time implementing a single marketing strategy. Instead, try using multiple approaches to see which ones draw the most attention to your staffing firm.
  9. Host webinars and seminars. Invite your clients to participate in your webinars and seminars. This is just another way to prove that you are reliable and highly skilled in staffing.
  10. Enhance your website. Designing a website that’s mobile friendly and SEO-optimized will help your temp agency grow and continue to stand out among the competition. Don’t forget to update your job boards to make them attractive and easy for candidates and clients to use.

 Growing your staffing firm in the new year is easier than you may think. Whether you’re hoping to establish long-term relationships with new employers or add more talented workers to your employee database, your company can easily achieve its goals by having the right marketing tools and analytical strategies in place.

 The new year is the perfect time to implement an efficient, reliable payroll staffing solution. To learn how TemPay can help you grow you firm through full-service or money-only factoring services, call us today at 1-(866) 683-6729.