Five ways to build your agency’s online reputation

Your staffing agency’s online reputation is money in the bank, the same as high-quality human capital, efficient operations and a roster of loyal client companies. Amid day-to-day business, however, your online reputation is easy to overlook. Here are five ways to make sure your online presence remains a clear, strong and appealing refection of your agency.


  1. Develop your brand identity. Your brand look and voice should be based on your mission statement and value proposition, encapsulating the personality and purpose of your agency. Are you serving a niche market, or do you practice cutting-edge recruitment and placement techniques? Have you switched or expanded to new market segments? Periodically assess whether your brand identity accurately reflects your business. How does your agency compare to the competition in an online search? If it falls short, it may be time to review and optimize web copy, images and even your entire website navigation.


  1. Create relevant content. Thoughtful online content can reach job seekers and employers, as well as extend to their networks to broaden your overall online audience. Although these two groups differ in their orientation, once you identify their pain points, you can create and offer up information about aspects of recruitment and career advancement that matter to them. Some ways to offer helpful information include blogs, white papers, eBooks, short videos and infographics. Customer engagement today entails knowing when to reach out and when to just be there, according to a Harvard Business Review article. You want to strike a balance. Too much information and/or interaction is annoying. Too little information (sporadic and/or weak) can cause your agency to get lost in the online shuffle.


  1. Use the power of social media. Job seekers and talent-seeking companies look for your online presence on LinkedIn. This is a great place to post relevant content, in addition to job opportunities. Facebook works as a community bulletin board and an interactive communications channel for customers and potential employees – highlighting your agency’s culture and reinforcing good customer relations. Instagram and Pinterest are visual platforms, great for sharing infographic snippets, custom illustrations, humorous memes and more. Upload videos to educate customers, explain your services, highlight your culture or share helpful insights (think Q&A sessions, answers to FAQs, etc.) to your YouTube channel. Frequency and consistency are key to an effective social media strategy, as is asking top influencers to discuss your brand or industry. They can help maximize the reach of your campaigns.


  1. Makeover outdated websites and social media pages. From your website analytics, surveys, social media comments and information requests, you should be able to gauge online interest in your business throughout the year. Refresh content or graphics on online pages that are no longer getting the clicks they used to. High-quality images and compelling content will help drive engagement from online visitors.


  1. Monitor your online presence. Who is talking about your agency online, what are they saying and where are they posting their thoughts? By tracking specific search terms frequently used by your target markets – client companies and job candidates – you can sleuth reviews on Glassdoor, business press, Tweets and social media posts, and discussions to understand how people are talking about your agency and the staffing industry as a whole. Consistent monitoring of online search activity will also reveal which platforms your audiences use the most, so you can determine where to invest more effort. By thinking of your online presence as an asset that needs your attention, you can reap the benefits of the internet and digital media, gain a better understanding of your audience and stand out from the competition.