Become a Payroll Funding & Factoring Broker with TemPay

Want to increase cash flow for your staffing industry clients? TemPay LLC has more than 25 years of experience providing payroll funding for large and growing staffing agencies. We help factoring and finance brokers provide working capital their clients need to succeed while ensuring quick turnarounds, so our brokers get paid quickly and consistently through the life of the relationship.

Working with us as a factoring and funding broker

TemPay is a preferred choice of payroll factoring brokers serving the staffing industry. We treat our payroll funding brokers with transparency, fairness and respect, while helping their referral clients turn accounts receivable into reliable financing for growth.

As a TemPay broker, you can expect:

  • Quick closings for qualified prospects
  • Fast payment of commissions
  • Continued payment for the life of a client’s factoring activity
  • No cost to get started
  • Supplied leads

Factoring brokers have unlimited potential to earn with TemPay. To begin referring potential clients or to learn more, please Contact Us online or call (866) 683-6729.


Why payroll factoring for staffing agencies?

Payroll factoring allows staffing agencies to use their accounts receivable to access the cash flow they need to pay employees (including payroll taxes and workers’ compensation) and fund business growth. TemPay advances 90 percent or more of the total invoice amount, among the highest advance rates in the industry. The funding is also based on the creditworthiness of the staffing agency’s customers, not theirs. So, unlike a bank loan or credit card, this money isn’t considered debt on your client’s balance sheet.

Who can I refer?

Staffing companies may seek out conventional bank loans or other financing to grow their business before realizing the benefits of payroll factoring. Contact TemPay when your staffing industry clients ask for:

  • Payroll funding/factoring services
  • Accounts receivable factoring
  • Increased working capital
  • Financing for growth

Payroll factoring is a great option for those starting a staffing agency, large or fast-growing agencies, and staffing companies that may not qualify for a traditional bank loan.

How do I make a referral?

Referring a staffing client to TemPay is easy. Just Contact Us online or call (866) 683-6729 to express your interest in becoming a TemPay payroll factoring broker, and you can start sending us referrals immediately. You will provide us with the information about your client, and if we close the deal, you’ll begin receiving commission checks on the account. Our payroll factoring application process is fast, easy and confidential, so your clients can get funding quickly and without a lot of red tape. 

When will I get paid?

Once TemPay approves your client, they will get immediate payroll funding and you will start to receive your commission checks on the account. TemPay offers generous commissions for a payroll factoring broker and pays throughout the life of the relationship.

Make money with TemPay LLC

If you are interested in becoming a payroll funding & factoring broker for TemPay, please Contact Us online to join our broker team today, or call us at (866) 683-6729 for more information.