Healthcare Staffing

“Larry and TemPay are more than just a vendor to our company, they are partners… With guidance and feedback from his team, we were able to grow our company and scale at an exponential rate.”

– Cheri, Dallas, TX

Some healthcare customers can take months to pay for temporary staff, making timely payment of payroll and payroll taxes an ongoing challenge for healthcare staffing agencies. Long payment timelines can leave startups, and even established staffing agencies, stuck in a holding pattern while they wait to be reimbursed for services.

If funding temporary payroll is impacting your healthcare staffing agency’s ability to add new business and retain employees, TemPay LLC can help. As a payroll financing company, we offer flexible full-service and money-only payroll staffing factoring solutions for small and large staffing agencies that specialize in temporary staffing for doctors’ offices, hospitals, in-home care facilities and other healthcare organizations.

As your payroll financing partner, TemPay will:

  • Advance up to 90% or more of the value of your total invoices
  • Make quick credit decisions for your business and its customers
  • Provide timely funding to help you cover unforeseen expenses
  • Monitor your accounts 24/7 through Dun & Bradstreet to ensure that your customers remain creditworthy

We also offer state-of-the-art staffing software and funding resources as a leading-edge staffing factoring company to help healthcare staffing agencies manage their critical payroll functions more efficiently, while controlling costs and improving productivity.

Contact us to discuss a payroll funding solution for your healthcare staffing agency. Please check-out our FAQs here to learn more about our processes and operations.

TemPay also offers invoice factoring services to small business that do not participate in the staffing industry. Apply for Credit today with TemPay to start the process moving.