Warehousing & Light Industrial

“Larry and TemPay are more than just a vendor to our company, they are partners… With guidance and feedback from his team, we were able to grow our company and scale at an exponential rate.”

– Cheri, Dallas, TX

Want to build a solid roster of warehousing or light industrial customers? Having a flexible payroll funding partner for your warehousing or industrial staffing agency can help by ensuring you have reliable cash flow to pay temporary employees and grow your customer base.

As your payroll factoring company, TemPay LLC will:

  • Advance up to 90% or more of the value of your total invoices
  • Make quick credit decisions for your business and its customers
  • Provide timely payroll financing to help you cover unforeseen expenses
  • Monitor your accounts 24/7 through Dun & Bradstreet to ensure that your customers remain creditworthy

A company’s warehousing or industrial operations can scale up or down quickly depending on its purchasing needs, seasonal demand and project workloads. To retain customers, your staffing agency must be able to fill positions quickly and provide skilled, on-demand employees to your clients as their needs fluctuate. In addition to our payroll financing services, TemPay offers state-of-the-art software and funding resources that help warehousing and industrial staffing agencies manage their critical payroll functions more efficiently, control costs and improve productivity.

Please contact us to discuss a payroll financing solution for your warehousing or industrial staffing agency. Learn about all the services TemPay offers by following this link. Check-out our Payroll Financing Resources for plenty of helpful information!

TemPay also offers invoice factoring services to other small businesses that are not involved with the staffing industry. You can apply for credit with us easily as the first step in this process.