Services Offered

 “We have a successful relationship with the team at TemPay. Our business has gone through many challenges and TemPay’s professional staff have given us the tools to confidently navigate those challenges. We never worry about our payroll with TemPay!”

– Kathy, Richmond, VA

One of the biggest challenges faced by staffing agencies is managing cash flow efficiently. Employees must be paid weekly, but payment from customers is typically 30, 45 or even 90 days away. At TemPay LLC, we recognize and understand the stress that financial and administrative challenges can place on your business, which is why we offer a diverse range of customizable outsourcing services and funding options for temporary staffing agencies.

TemPay offers the following payroll financing services.

  • Full-service factoring – Are you ready for liberation from business headaches such as handling payroll, invoices and other administrative tasks? As your behind-the-scenes partner, TemPay gives you the freedom to build your core business and increase sales.
  • Money-only business factoring – Whether you’re looking to grow or just want to streamline your temp agency payroll, TemPay can help you clear the cash flow hurdle with our payroll factoring and related services.
  • TemPay Complete Solutions® Software – TemPay’s state-of-the-art software gives you all of the administrative tools you need to take complete control of front- and back-office processing and improve costs.
  • Electronic Check Services – TemPay’s e-check payment option offers a simple and secure solution for customers to make electronic payments.
  • Prepaid Payroll Cards – Need a flexible, convenient way to pay your employees? TemPay’s prepaid payroll cards provide the perfect alternative to traditional payment methods.
  • Credit Monitoring – TemPay can help you protect your agency’s profitability. We offer free credit monitoring and collection services for all of our staffing clients through Dun & Bradstreet Inc. (DNBi).

Contact us to learn what makes TemPay our clients’ preferred payroll factoring and funding solution. Learn about the history of TemPay and why we’re right for your needs here.