eCheck for Payroll Factoring

Your customers want a quick, easy and safe way to pay their bills, just as your agency wants to ensure timely and accurate payment. TemPay LLC’s eCheck payment option simplifies the billing process for staffing agencies and their customers by providing a simple and secure solution to allow your customers to make electronic payments.

How eCheck works
When you partner with TemPay for payroll factoring services, TemPay purchases your agency’s accounts receivable and advances you a portion of your invoice. In turn, your customers can pay TemPay the balance owed using eCheck electronic check services.

Signing up for eCheck is simple.

Step 1: We email your customers a form that allows them to use eCheck.

Step 2: Each customer fills out the form, providing the dollar amounts to be paid and their bank routing and account numbers.

Step 3: TemPay pulls the money directly from your customers’ accounts. It’s that simple.

eCheck works like direct deposit, allowing your customers to automate electronic payments and focus on what’s most important — employing your talent. The agreed-upon dollar amount is billed from your customers’ bank accounts automatically and on time, making the transaction convenient for your customer and alleviating worry over late or missed payments. As a result, electronic payment services also offer an ideal payment option for customers that have less-than-ideal credit or that don’t want to worry about billing and payment on a regular basis.

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