How to Start the Payroll Factoring Process with TemPay

You’ve completed a TemPay application for temporary payroll factoring, been approved, and are ready to begin your funding relationship with TemPay. Now what? Here are the 3 steps needed to get your company ready for your initial payroll funding: TemPay’s processing department will advise you on our process and procedures and how to send your payroll/billing requirements to TemPay. 2. […]

Winning strategies to reduce invoicing hassles

Nothing can hurt your company faster than slow payment or nonpayment, but you can’t waste your accounting department’s time begging clients for money. A good payroll financing strategy can help save your company from cash flow crunches. Payroll financing is one of several strategies that can help you reduce invoicing hassles. Here are a number […]

Ask TemPay: Is My Information Private?

At TemPay, we respect our clients’ privacy. Your  clients will not know you are a TemPay client or receive payroll factoring. TemPay operates as an invisible partner, and paychecks, accounts receivable invoices and tax filings all bear your company name along with our lockbox remittance address. If we call your staffing firm’s customers, we do so […]