Will Hiring Turnaround Increase or Decrease Need for Temporary Workers?

The Labor Department recently reported that the U.S. economy added 734,000 jobs from December to February, the largest three-month increase since May 2010. With the economy shifting into higher gear, staffing experts are predicting that workers who have been stuck in unsatisfactory jobs the last couple years will start looking for a better situation.   […]

More Workers Moving Out-of-State for Jobs

During the recession, many Americans were unable to move for a job because they couldn’t sell homes that had fallen in value, according to a recent USA TODAY article. However, now that the economy is improving, American workers are less hesitant to consider a move. “We’re starting to see (candidates) open up the job search to make […]

Top 4 Staffing Stocks For Improving Economy

The unemployment rate’s recent dip to 8.3 percent is great news for staffing firms, as workers are not only looking for jobs in general but better jobs in this improved economy. TheStreet, a digital financial media company, reports the four staffing stocks to watch: Robert Half International: Although the company didn’t take a deep hit […]