Factoring Companies Do More Than Payroll Funding: Full-Service Support

While payroll funding is a huge part of every staffing firm factor’s business, it’s not the only service a factoring company provides. Factors offer a type of staffing agency finance called payroll factoring. With factoring, staffing firms sell their accounts receivable invoices for a fee to a factoring company and gain cash up front to […]

Staffing Firm Finds Success With Temporary Payroll Funding

Operating a staffing firm is no easy task, as Carlos Sanchez, CEO and president of 360° Staffing, has discovered. When he founded his business in 2007, he knew it would require a lot of hard work. However, he has gotten assistance from a factoring partner that alleviates his temporary payroll funding needs, allowing him to focus […]

2013 Staffing Resolution List

While people often make personal New Year’s resolutions, making them for your business is just as, if not more, important. Here are five resolutions staffing firms should make in 2013, according to C. Adam Forbes, president of BaronHR.   1. Know when to say no. Staffing firms are presented with a lot of opportunities for […]

TemPay Offers Staffing Flexible Funding

At TemPay, we understand the nature of your business because we specialize in the staffing industry. We know obtaining staffing flexible funding is key for your business because you need to pay your employees and vendors weekly, but customers can often take 30, 45 or even 90 days to pay.   We can work with […]

Governmental Requirements for Starting Your Own Staffing Agency

As businesses go, staffing companies are relatively easy to launch, requiring fewer licenses and less paperwork for business owners than businesses in other industries. So it’s no surprise that starting your own staffing agency is a popular business venture, with new staffing companies popping up left and right. However, if you’re thinking of starting your […]

TemPay’s History with Staffing Agencies

In the 1980s, TemPay President and Founder Larry Holstein owned a permanent staffing firm. Through this experience, he became familiar with the payroll funding needs of staffing agencies and decided to start a business that would provide quick and easy payroll factoring for these companies. Holstein founded TemPay in 1994. The business now serves about […]

Payroll Cards Make Payroll Funding Safe, Easy

When your staffing firm employees want to be paid quickly and easily (and you don’t want to deal with payroll processing issues and problems), TemPay has the perfect solution: payroll cards. When TemPay handles your staffing payroll, we ensure your employees are paid on time and in the manner they want. Our payroll cards can […]

Payroll Funding Application

TemPay makes applying for payroll funding quick and easy. You can give us a call today at (866) 6TemPay or have one of our representatives contact you after filling out our online application here. You’ll need owner information such as names, percentage of ownership and Social Security numbers and business information such as the number […]

What is Money-Only Temp Factoring?

When your firm needs a temp agency funding solution but not full-service administrative support, contact TemPay, the most responsive, affordable and personalized choice. TemPay offers money-only factoring because sometimes you don’t want or need comprehensive administrative support. Negative cash flow may be straining your company’s finances or you may have to turn away business because the bank […]

What is Full-Service Payroll Funding?

TemPay’s full-service payroll funding handles your temp agency’s payroll, invoices and other administrative burdens. It also allows you the freedom to focus on growing your business while we handle the details, such as filing payroll taxes, sending invoices and collections. TemPay can: • Pay your temporary employees via check, direct deposit or payroll card • […]