TemPay Answers Your Top Client Questions

At TemPay, we receive questions about our payroll factoring services all the time. Here, we answer your top client questions. What type of businesses do you factor? TemPay’s main clientele is temporary staffing firms in any industry, including light industrial, administrative, information technology, construction, health care, legal, clerical and many others. We also provide factoring […]

How to Recruit and Retain Your Staffing Sales Team

Selling in the staffing industry is different than conventional sales; instead of selling a tangible product, you’re selling a service. As a result, recruiting and retaining members of your temporary staffing sales team is a unique process. “Staffing sales is more about education rather than just selling,” says C. Adam Forbes, president of BaronHR. “You […]

Temp Flexible Payroll Funding Not Just For Big Firms

One of the prevailing myths in the temporary staffing industry is that only large firms can receive payroll funding, and this is myth should be put to rest once and for all.   The truth Firms of all sizes and in all stages can receive temp flexible funding, whether you are just starting a temp […]

Factoring Companies Do More Than Payroll financing: Full-Service Support

While payroll funding is a huge part of every staffing firm factor’s business, it’s not the only service a factoring company provides. Factors offer a type of staffing agency finance called payroll factoring. With factoring, staffing firms sell their accounts receivable invoices for a fee to a factoring company and gain cash up front to […]

Staffing Firm Finds Success With Temporary Payroll Funding

Operating a staffing firm is no easy task, as Carlos Sanchez, CEO and president of 360° Staffing, has discovered. When he founded his business in 2007, he knew it would require a lot of hard work. However, he has gotten assistance from a factoring partner that alleviates his temporary payroll funding needs, allowing him to focus […]

Manage Temp Agency Payroll Easily With TemPay Software

Obsolete computer programs. Annoying spreadsheets. Tedious pen and paper. Whichever way you’ve done it in the past, managing your temp agency payroll has no doubt been difficult.   When you switch from paper to digital, it can take an inordinate amount of time to re-enter your data. And if you need a new function added, […]

TemPay Offers Staffing Flexible Funding

At TemPay, we understand the nature of your business because we specialize in the staffing industry. We know obtaining staffing flexible funding is key for your business because you need to pay your employees and vendors weekly, but customers can often take 30, 45 or even 90 days to pay.   We can work with […]

Temp Payroll Finance: How to Apply for Payroll financing

For staffing agencies that are struggling to make temp payroll, finance options are out there. Yet many staffing agencies are so eager to find a lender their temp payroll financing that they don’t do their due diligence in the application process. The result is that they’re turned down by lenders, or worse, roped into a […]

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