Advantages of Payroll Funding for Staffing Companies

Being the middle man can have its disadvantages, especially if you’re a staffing agency. The payment structure that makes staffing agencies profitable – invoice for services – causes delays in payment processing that can make it difficult to pay employees on time. However, there are organizations that specialize in payroll funding for staffing companies that […]

Top 5 reasons to consider payroll factoring for staffing agency needs

Payroll factoring is a favored form of staffing agency finance, and it’s easy to see why. With payroll factoring, staffing agencies sell their accounts receivable invoices for a fee to obtain immediate cash. Your clients then pay the factor directly. Still not convinced? Here are the top five reasons you should consider payroll factoring.   […]

The benefits of niche staffing

While some staffing agencies choose to be jacks-of-all-trades, staffing within a niche provides a more narrowly defined opportunity for targeted specialization. A niche can include only a few, or even just one, industries or job types. Common staffing niches include light industrial, administrative, IT, construction, health care, legal, clerical and others. Some staffing firms work […]

4 things to consider when matching temp workers to a client

To achieve the greatest success in the staffing industry, you must ensure that your temporary employees are properly matched with your clients. A mismatched employee is more likely to result in poor job performance, absenteeism, low productivity and termination, resulting in an unhappy client. Here are four tips for creating the best match between your […]

4 Differences in Today’s Temporary Worker

Today’s temp workers aren’t your grandparents’ temp workers. The industry initially took off in the United States post-World War II, employing housewives in part-time clerical positions or to fill in for permanent employees on vacation or sick leave. However, that is no longer the case. Staffing agencies employ temp workers of all ages, races and […]

The 3 Best Sources for Temp Agency Payroll Funding

Ebb and flow is nature of the staffing industry. When demand for services goes up, agencies need cash flow to fund temp agency payroll and fill positions quickly. When it drops, they also need working capital to be available to shore up operations when demand rebounds. Whether you’re starting your own staffing agency or looking […]

Temp Payroll Finance: How to Apply

For staffing agencies that are struggling to make temp payroll, finance options are out there. Yet many staffing agencies are so eager to find a lender their temp payroll financing that they don’t do their due diligence in the application process. The result is that they’re turned down by lenders, or worse, roped into a […]

Four Predictions for the Staffing Industry in 2013

Temporary staffing agencies are as susceptible as any other businesses to the ebb and flow of the economy. Their workers are usually the first to be let go when the economy declines and the first to be hired as companies tentatively approach recovery mode.   So as 2013 begins, here is a look at where […]

Five Tips to Help You Stay in Compliance with Labor Laws

Bypassing labor laws, even to deal with a staffing crisis, is a dangerous situation.   A single instance of overlooking the law could be enough to get your firm in serious trouble with the federal government. Penalties for failure to comply may include the payment of back wages and can progress to steep fines, prosecution […]

Three Ways Google Plus Can Help Your Staffing Firm

When Google Plus launched more than a year ago, many questioned whether another social networking site was necessary. After all, many staffing firms are already on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and others are beginning to utilize sites like Pinterest. Isn’t that enough?   The answer may be yes if your social networking strategy is helping […]