The Benefits of Factoring

Understanding the details and proceeding with temp staffing factoring offer valuable benefits to the staffing firm. Factoring generally provides cash more quickly without the hassles of financial reporting review. For example, a traditional lender usually asks and takes significant time to review the staffing firm’s financial statements and tax returns, whereas a factor usually doesn’t […]

Bad language: phrases to avoid using with your staffing firm’s clients

They are simple phrases, ones you may not think twice about using. But the words you use with your clients play a big part in how your staffing firm and its employees are perceived in the marketplace.   Most businesses take steps to ensure their employees are communicating with clients in a timely and professional […]

Factoring Companies Do More Than Payroll Funding: Full-Service Support

While payroll funding is a huge part of every staffing firm factor’s business, it’s not the only service a factoring company provides. Factors offer a type of staffing agency finance called payroll factoring. With factoring, staffing firms sell their accounts receivable invoices for a fee to a factoring company and gain cash up front to […]

Staffing Firm Finds Success With Temporary Payroll Funding

Operating a staffing firm is no easy task, as Carlos Sanchez, CEO and president of 360° Staffing, has discovered. When he founded his business in 2007, he knew it would require a lot of hard work. However, he has gotten assistance from a factoring partner that alleviates his temporary payroll funding needs, allowing him to focus […]

Manage Temp Agency Payroll Easily With TemPay Software

Obsolete computer programs. Annoying spreadsheets. Tedious pen and paper. Whichever way you’ve done it in the past, managing your temp agency payroll has no doubt been difficult.   When you switch from paper to digital, it can take an inordinate amount of time to re-enter your data. And if you need a new function added, […]

TemPay Offers Staffing Flexible Funding

At TemPay, we understand the nature of your business because we specialize in the staffing industry. We know obtaining staffing flexible funding is key for your business because you need to pay your employees and vendors weekly, but customers can often take 30, 45 or even 90 days to pay.   We can work with […]

Marketing Rules From Super Bowl Ads

While many businesses can’t afford to run ads during the Super Bowl, they can still learn from them. Here are some rules to a winning ad campaign from Businessweek taken from Super Bowl ads your staffing firm can use: Put strategy first. Back in 2000, when startups like and made their game-day debut, […]

Four Predictions for the Staffing Industry in 2013

Temporary staffing agencies are as susceptible as any other businesses to the ebb and flow of the economy. Their workers are usually the first to be let go when the economy declines and the first to be hired as companies tentatively approach recovery mode.   So as 2013 begins, here is a look at where […]