6 tips for choosing a legitimate background check firm

Your staffing service provides a valuable commodity: people. And just like any other business, you need to ensure your commodity meets certain standards before it heads out your door to your customer. Performing a background check on your temporary employees gives you peace of mind knowing you’re sending out an employee who is a perfect […]

Temporary staffing employment screening: How often, when, why and how?

Screening your temporary staffing employees is critical — you want to make sure the workforce you’re sending out is appropriate for the job and protect yourself against any potential liabilities. “We screen employees on a daily basis,” says the vice president of sales and operations at a large Cleveland-based staffing firm that specializes in the […]

Determining your staffing niche

To determine your staffing niche, think about the intelligence and experience of yourself and your key management personnel. Then evaluate your strengths and weaknesses to determine where your center of expertise lies.   If you have experience as a temporary staffing employee in the administrative niche, it makes sense to target that niche because you […]

Overcoming price objection in the sales cycle – how your staffing agency can show its value

“Can you match your competitor’s price?” No matter how experienced your salespeople are, hearing this question from your prospects  is never easy. Although price objection in the sales cycle is not a new challenge for staffing agencies, many U.S. businesses have become extra price sensitive since the economic recession, and thus, more vocal about their […]

Bad language: phrases to avoid using with your staffing firm’s clients

They are simple phrases, ones you may not think twice about using. But the words you use with your clients play a big part in how your staffing firm and its employees are perceived in the marketplace.   Most businesses take steps to ensure their employees are communicating with clients in a timely and professional […]

Top 5 SEO tips for staffing firms

Search engine optimization is a critical part of any business’ digital presence, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. There are several ways to ensure that your staffing service both appears and ranks highly on search engines, bringing you more visibility and accessibility (and, ultimately, more business).   Here are our top five SEO tips […]

Around the world: What’s happening globally in the staffing industry

If you place your finger on a spinning globe, chances are that, wherever you land, the staffing industry will be in a state of growth.   In 2011, the most recent year for which data are available, there were 46 million people working in a temporary capacity, the equivalent of 12.4 million full-time workers, according […]

How to deal with client payment problems

At one time or another, your staffing service has mostly likely dealt with a client that either pays late or won’t pay at all. Here are our top four tips for dealing with client payment problems.   Create a standard process. Document and practice a clearly defined protocol for customer payment procedures, applicable interest charges […]