The benefits of niche staffing

While some staffing agencies choose to be jacks-of-all-trades, staffing within a niche provides a more narrowly defined opportunity for targeted specialization.   A niche can include only a few, or even just one, industries or job types. Common staffing niches include light industrial, administrative, IT, construction, health care, legal, clerical and others. Some staffing firms […]

What types of invoices are eligible for payroll factoring?

Full-service clients are required to allow TemPay to handle all of their temporary business. Money-only clients must offer the opportunity to factor all new customers, and if we choose not to factor a particular customer, your staffing service can choose to self fund.   As the factor, we: Verify your invoices with your clients’ accounts […]

4 Differences in Today’s Temporary Worker

Today’s temp workers aren’t your grandparents’ temp workers. The industry initially took off in the United States post-World War II, employing housewives in part-time clerical positions or to fill in for permanent employees on vacation or sick leave. However, that is no longer the case. Staffing agencies employ temp workers of all ages, races and […]