Managing risk when selecting a staffing niche

Payroll factoring within a niche is a great way to provide more personalized and tailored staffing services with a deeper understanding of a specific industry. However, there are some things to keep in mind when selecting your niche.   “Regardless of the niche, the greatest overriding concern is the risk involved,” TemPay Chief Operating Officer Marc […]

How to deal with client payment problems

At one time or another, your staffing service has mostly likely dealt with a client that either pays late or won’t pay at all. Here are our top four tips for dealing with client payment problems.   Create a standard process. Document and practice a clearly defined protocol for customer payment procedures, applicable interest charges […]

3 staffing sales tips

Whether you’re hiring new sales representatives or giving your current employees a refresher course, our top three staffing sales tips will help you land deals.   Listen. Lengthy, rehearsed pitches and presentations aren’t going to land you business. Listen to what your prospects say about their business and tailor your response to those specific needs. […]

The importance of the Internet and social media in recruiting

While social media and the Internet are an excellent way to distribute tips and information about your business to your clients, it’s also useful for another key staffing agency function — recruiting.   Social media provides a platform for you to interact with potential employees and also evaluate them based on their profiles and activity. […]

How to Grow Your Staffing Agency With Payroll Funding

Staffing services continue to be in demand because, during an economic recovery, businesses are hesitant to hire full-time employees and instead are seeking a flexible, low-cost alternative. Staffing Industry Analysts reports staffing revenue in 2013 is expected to hit nearly $135 billion, exceeding prerecession revenue levels. Whether you’re starting a staffing agency or have been […]

Dos and Don’ts to Effectively Market Your Staffing Firm

If you’re spending money on advertising campaigns that aren’t driving the results you want, start by assessing your message. If you are focusing on the depth of your talent and how you can tackle any job, but don’t explain how those attributes will benefit your clients, then you shouldn’t be surprised at the lack of […]

10 Things Your Temp Workers Won’t Tell You

It doesn’t matter how many times your staffing agency has been recognized as a great place to work, there are still going to be those who have issues with how you run the business.   It doesn’t make them bad people. On the contrary, it could simply be something that falls out of your line […]

Four Tips for Better Networking

Talking about your staffing agency at the local coffee shop, community center or grocery store is a great way to informally network and promote your business, but not all networking should be impromptu.   You need goals and you need to know where the best opportunities exist to help you meet them.   Here are […]