Statement-of-work contracting is on the rise: what it means for your staffing agency

The growth of contract employment reflects a larger shift in the way that companies are operating. By using a blended workforce model that includes both direct-hire employees and contract workers, companies enjoy greater flexibility, leading to cost savings and other benefits.   Statement-of-work (SOW) contracting takes the idea a step further by giving your clients […]

How to Recruit and Retain Your Staffing Sales Team

Selling in the staffing industry is different than conventional sales; instead of selling a tangible product, you’re selling a service. As a result, recruiting and retaining members of your temporary staffing sales team is a unique process. “Staffing sales is more about education rather than just selling,” says C. Adam Forbes, president of BaronHR. “You […]

Temp Payroll Finance: How to Apply

For staffing agencies that are struggling to make temp payroll, finance options are out there. Yet many staffing agencies are so eager to find a lender their temp payroll financing that they don’t do their due diligence in the application process. The result is that they’re turned down by lenders, or worse, roped into a […]