Why aggressive sales tactics can backfire for your staffing firm

These mantras are as familiar to salespeople as they are commonplace in the business world. Don’t take no for an answer. Create a sense of urgency. Keep calling. But while trying to land a big client or close a big deal can be daunting – especially when your prospective client is difficult to pin down […]

Four Predictions for the Staffing Industry in 2013

Temporary staffing agencies are as susceptible as any other businesses to the ebb and flow of the economy. Their workers are usually the first to be let go when the economy declines and the first to be hired as companies tentatively approach recovery mode.   So as 2013 begins, here is a look at where […]

Ask TemPay: Do You Over-Advance?

If you have enough in unpaid earnings without owing a liability to TemPay, we will advance additional funds. Our clients often need this money to help with workers’ compensation insurance payments, one of the largest expenses for all staffing agencies (read about the importance of workers’ compensation in our article on the 4 big mistakes that […]

Staffing Firms Feeling Recovery

Staffing firms benefit during economic recovery periods because they make the workforce more flexible, according to a recent Omaha World-Herald article. Their workers are among the first cut during a slump and the first hired during growth. The medical staffing industry in particular has seen increased growth, with the sector expected to grow 9 percent this year, […]

Safeguarding Your Firm Against Fraud

Temporary staffing companies seek to grow their businesses through placing temporary employees in reputable companies. But how do you ensure you’re placing your employees with legitimate and reliable businesses and not leaving your staffing firm vulnerable to fraud? Kylie Dore, vice president of credit at TemPay, says even if you’ve known a potential customer for a […]

Not Getting Paid? 4 Ways to Deal With It

Non-paying customers create frustration and put your temporary staffing business at risk. You rely on these payments for your staffing agency cash flow to cover your expenses and pay your people for their services.   So how should you deal with these difficult situations? If you let frustration seep into the conversations with customers who […]

How a Staffing Firm Can Help Companies Control Their Workforce

Danny Spitz, founder and president of EverStaff, recently spoke to Smart Business about how recruiting and staffing firms can supply the right temporary workers to help businesses control their work force on an as-needed basis. In the article, Spitz says temporary staffing allows a company to staff for peak need while providing the flexibility for letting those people […]